Hello. I am Clara Cecilia Canzani

I am an English and Spanish translator and interpreter.

CCCAN Translation & Interpretation comes from my first and middle name initials, Clara Cecilia, and the first three letters of my last name, Canzani, which suggest that Clara Cecilia can. This is my starting point to approach the profession I chose as a young high-school graduate, when I began studying a 5-year degree in Legal Translation at the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

Having already earned my degree, I knew that my many callings would eventually converge. That is how I pursued further training opportunities, this time by taking on a 4-year course in Interpreting at McDonough Interpretación Simultánea in Buenos Aires.

The work experience gained throughout the years and my very own hobbies and interests ─the spoken voice, singing, literature, linguistics─ allow me to regard this career with complete dedication, effort and commitment. Practicing my professions makes me ubiquitously happy. Each new mission I undertake is both an opportunity and a challenge to convey messages as clearly as my wit and expertise allow. In the same breath, I feel privileged to treasure invaluable knowledge on diverse subjects and industries that serve me as a background to continue fine-tuning and enriching the quality of my professional performance.

“Everyone smiles in the same language”.

George Carlin

Concrete experiences

I work in such diverse areas as:

Trademarks & Patents
Oil & Gas
Foreign Trade
Art & Entertainment
Social Security
My purpose

Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway”.

Mother Teresa

Being a translator and interpreter does no make me an encyclopedia that automatically reproduces isolated words. Rather, every translation or interpreting assignment I undertake is a fascinating learning mission that takes me on a journey through places, cultures, interesting facts, characters —in short— gifts that only contribute to my enrichment in a diverse and sophisticated prism.

That is why my commitment to clients is comprehensive:

  • I study for each interpreting conference, prepare glossaries and all kinds of supplementary documentation.
  • I follow up on my certified translations to ensure that the recipient of the documents has accepted them.
  • I coordinate appointments for in-person or digital legalizations to suit the comfort and convenience of my clients.
  • I offer opportunities for review, through feedback and constructive dialogue.
  • I explain the particularities of each case.

That is my purpose: to take care of the professionalism and quality of my work, and at the same time to accompany my clients and offer them an excellent service.


“Excellent professional in the interpretation of the English-Spanish, Spanish-English language in the Mining Industry. Good preparation in the technical aspects and vocabulary of a complex and technological industry. She possesses qualities that help to simplify the messages of technical communications.”
Damián Correa
UG Mine Superintendent, Cerro Negro Mine, Newmont-Goldcorp
“I would recommend Clara to any Company / Business in performing the role of a Translator and Interpreter. I worked with Clara for 6 months and found her to be very polite, helpful and has a very good work ethic. Would not hesitate working with Clara again if the opportunity arises:”
Graeme Roach
Work Management Specialists, Australia
“Clara is a true professional, a skilled translator, and a joy to work with. She worked with our team over long days in Buenos Aires and later in Omaha, Nebraska (USA) to facilitate communication between youth-service providers and young people. She adapted quickly whether translating technical details or making young people who had never traveled outside their countries feel at home and connected to their peers. I recommend her highly!”
Sheila Keinkade
Advancement Strategist at Mind & Life Institute